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Test for Cleaners
« on: October 14, 2010, 03:04:30 PM »
Test for cleaners

Test 1: Basic cleaning >> GET IT
Test 2: Image redrawing >> GET IT
Test 3: Joining of pages >> GET IT

This is what we are going to evaluate in each one of those tests:
  • If the page is properly aligned and cropped. We give you what the scanner gives us, you need to crop the extra border and align the page. For some reason most of the cleaners forget to align the page This is an example of a page that wasn't aligned. The blue lines are a sample of the rotation needed in the image.
  • Proper resize. Your image should have a height of 1600px, and 72dpi.
  • Levels: white must be white, black must be black, no details of the grays should be lost.
  • The image should NOT be blurry. This is a common mistake for the wrong use of filters.
  • There should be no dust in the image. This is not called "cleaning" for nothing.
  • All Japanese text must be cleaned. Ignore SFX, you don't need to clean those effects.
  • When the Japanese text overlaps with the background, you should redraw such background.
  • Your PSD should have all the layers we need. See the specs below, in the section "sample"
  • Your work shouldn't need any extra fix, what you deliver should be ready to be used in a release as is. Please don't submit your test if you are not confident about this.
  • ... and finally, we are going to evaluate your ability to read and follow instructions. We have so many projects running and we have no time to explain the same things over and over again.


This is a sample of a finished cleaning, with all the layers we usually need:


Open it in Photoshop, these are the layers in that file:
- Background:&nbsp; The original raw aligned, cropped and resized.
- Topaz: A copy of the background filtered with topaz. Ignore this layer if you don't know how to use topaz.
- Cleaning: A layer to black out the japanese texts
- Levels: An adjustment layer for levels.

This is what you need to deliver in your test.