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Terms of Use of Our Scanlations
« on: October 12, 2010, 10:36:03 PM »
The scanlations that we are are publishing here are from fans for fans, we don't ask anything to get them, just visit our blog (or this forum) and click on the DDL links. We don't even ask you to register on the forum or to have "X" number of messages, just click and you ar done. Therefore, please refrain from trying to obtain any kind of benefit by republishing them on other sites.

Hosting of our releases:
  • Don't create aditional download links , each one of our releases has enough mirrors. If there's a broken link, just let us know so that we can fix it. By looking how many times each one of our links is used, we can know if the series is popular enough to keep working on it. If people can download our releases on other sites, we won't be able to measure if people likes our projects or not.
  • Don't try to sell our releases. Whether you burn manga on CD or you offer manga downlod links, refrain to do it with our releases.
Online Manga Readers
We are fine with you uploading our releases on those sites as long as:
  • They don't charge money to read manga.
  • They leave intact the credits /recruit page or whatever extra page we could include.
  • They credit animexis for the release.
  • They delete our releases if the series is licensed in North America.

For international scanlation groups:
  • We release in both English and Spanish, so you cannot use neither our scans nor translations to create your  version in English or Spanish.
  • For other languages, we can even give you our PSD files. Certain restrictions may apply. Send me a PM for more info.
If you have questions or comments about anything related to our releases, please contact me by PM.
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