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Pink de Pink by AZUMA Tesshin
« on: October 12, 2010, 06:17:26 PM »
Pink de Pink

Original Title: ピンクDEピンク (Pink de Pink)
Author: Azuma Tesshin (東鉄神)
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Ecchi, Lolicon, Romance, School Life
Serialized In: Young Champion Retsu (Akita Shoten)
Year: 2007
Status in Japan: Complete Series (1 Volume - 8 Chapters)

Sanada Akihito, a student from Yotsuho Academy has been haunted by the angry spirit of a dead girl. In the exorcism that a friend was trying to do, the spirit manages to possess a girl from Akihito’s class and now that she has a body, she has worldly desires to satisfy, and Akihito just looks like her previous boyfriend!


Exorcism 1: Momo Comes  ||  Download
Exorcism 2: Momo Cums  ||  Download
Exorcism 3: Momo Comes Again  ||  Download
Exorcism 4: Bad Omen  ||  Download
Exorcism 5: Caw's Counterattack  ||  Download
Exorcism 6: Envoy of the Gods  ||  Download
Exorcism 7: Anomaly  ||  coming soon...
Exorcism 8: The power of love  ||  coming soon...